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Virtual Sci-Fi Costume Contest July 7-12

This year Los Alamos ScienceFest is holding a virtual science fiction costume contest in honor of the theme, “Eyes On the Future.” All sci-fi lovers are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character and share a photo online using the hashtags, #LosAlamosScienceFest2020 and #SciFiLosAlamos.


Be sure to:

1. Dress up as your favorite sci-fi character

2. Post a photo or fun video of you and your costume on either Facebook or Instagram using #LosAlamosScienceFest2020 and #SciFiLosAlamos (please ensure it's 'public'!)

3. Make your social media post before the deadline of July 11.

4. Have fun!

After following the steps for qualifying, there will be a voting between our judges ScienceFest week to determine the top three nominees. From there, the three nominees’ photos will be posted to the ScienceFest 2020 Facebook page where the
public can vote for their favorite by how many “likes” it receives. Voting ends by midnight on July 11 and will be announced on July 12. The winner will receive a mini 3-D art printer for their crafting needs! Make a handmade costume or reuse one from Halloween!

Pioneering Women in Los Alamos

A Historical Poster Trail 

In honor of the centennial anniversary of women’s right to vote, Los Alamos MainStreet, Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, the Los Alamos Historical Society, LANL and Del Norte Credit Union are debuting posters July 7-12 featuring women in Los Alamos who have been pioneers in advancing their respective fields, from the Manhattan Project days, to today. 


Local businesses and organizations around Los Alamos County will be displaying these posters starting ScienceFest week, July 7-12. So, get out, explore, look for the posters highlighting these amazing women, and you’ll also have a chance to solve a puzzle (please refer to our map as a starting point; the scavenger hunt may only be done in-person). After successfully completing the hunt, email your response to Emily Holmes, a recent Los Alamos High School graduate who helped lead this project for her Girl Scout Gold Award: emholmes1302 AT

Breakout Box Los Alamos ScienceFest Scavenger Hunt

Save ScienceFest! Find clues around Los Alamos or opt to participate in a virtual version

Spies have infiltrated Los Alamos and seek the secrets of our town! Fortunately, a scientist thought to lock them up for safekeeping - in a box with multiple locks, no less. Unfortunately, she is now self-quarantining and can't help us release them again for ScienceFest.


We have the box, but only someone who knows our town well will be able to solve the clues she left for us and unlock all 6 locks before it is too late! Grab your clues and join the hunt. Some clues are simple, but others have multiple parts that will involve exploring parts of town. Put on your walking shoes and start searching! Each clue will yield one lock combination that can be tested on the boxes. Solve all 6 clues to open the box for a chance to win!


Do the Corona blues have you cooped up in your house, unable to get out to track down clues? You can still help! A set of online challenges are available as well. Use these clues to do some online research from the safety of your own laboratory, and maybe learn something about our town and its history in the process.

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