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Do you have a fun, interactive event planned between July 7th to to 18th that relates to the theme of "Energy"? Would you like to organize your event in collaborate with ScienceFest and gain an even bigger audience, a branding kit and the seal of approval from the Los Alamos MainStreet ? 

Leslie B photo.png

Partners receive funding, branding and support from the Los Alamos MainStreet during their event. Partners are mentioned across social media platforms and gain exposure and the ability to integrate deeper into the livelihood and community at large! 

How can Mainstreet help?

MainStreet will partner with you to provide assets and support as necessary.  Partner matching, seed money, event space, marketing, advertising , whatever you need help with, we can help provide! 

Additionally Partners also get mentioned on Event print media and socials! 

So what are you waiting for? 

Apply now! 
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