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Los Alamos ScienceFest 2023
July 7-18

This year, Los Alamos ScienceFest follows the theme of "Energy". Associated with motion, this year's theme includes all forms of energy, from potential, and nuclear, to kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, and all its other various forms.  

Our Theme

What is

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Los Alamos ScienceFest is a collection of events in the middle of summer that focus on bringing science and history to downtown Los Alamos. Concerts, Play Crawls, markets and interactive events are the heart of ScienceFest! 

In 2023, ScienceFest will take place on Saturday, July 7-18th at various location around downtown Los Alamos.

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Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op, Bradbury Science Museum, Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC), Los Alamos Dept. of Public Utilities, Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos Community Partnerships Office, Los Alamos County Community Services, Los Alamos County Environmental Services/ Zero Waste Los Alamos, Los Alamos County Library, Los Alamos Historical Society, Manhattan Project National Historical Park, and others.

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